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TDP-2 for drilling waste treatment increases capacity

An active exploitation of the Kuyumbinskoe oil and gas condensate deposit is accompanied by increasing of residual formation. IPEC company experts have developed technology for the purpose of technological process optimization and increasing of the Complex

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WEEE treatment Congress: Eco-CARBON experts report

The 4th Eurasian Congress dedicated to the treatment of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) was arranged on March 20-22, 2019. The Swiss company “Smart Resources” jointly with metal scrap recyclers’ partnership RUSLOM.COM hosted the

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Eurasian Patent for pyrolysis plant TDP

Eurasian Patent for the equipment designed for conversion of organic waste by means of pyrolysis has been received. This Patent acts on the territory of the Eurasian Patent Convention member states – Azerbaijan, Kirgizstan, Armenia, the Republic of

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Pyrolysis plant TDP-2-200М for Israel

The company IPEC pushes back the supply limits. In such a way, an upgraded Thermal Decomposition Plant TDP-2-200M with capacity up to 200 kg per hour was successfully launched at the production site of TRIDACNA Ltd. in Israel. The company TRIDACNA Ltd.

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TDP-2-200 Trial Runs on Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR)

Industrial site of Wiederkehr Recycling AG (Switzerland) successfully held the second stage of continuous pyrolysis plant TDP-2-200 commissioning. The pilot run of the plant was carried along with C65 (65 kW) Capstone microturbine. Thermal Decomposition

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Pyrolysis plant TDP-2-200M with streamlined gas cleaning unit is shipped to Switzerland

The upgraded continuous pyrolysis unit TDP-2-200 was shipped to Switzerland to the industrial site of Wiederkehr Recycling AG. The equipment is designed to process crushed automotive scrap with production of synthetic fuel, pyrolysis gas and dry residue. Innovated

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Printed circuit boards and electronic waste management from the EWEEES point of view

The International congress EWEEES dedicated to electronic waste utilization took place in Moscow, Russia on March 27-28, 2018. Delegates from 20 countries, among them civil servants, business managers and industrial experts took part in the event. The

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Pyrolysis Plant TDP-2-800 is shipped to Messoyakha oil-gas field

The massive shipment of the equipment for assembling the TDP-2-800 plant (including reactor, condensation unit, and gas line equipment) was sent by IPEC to Messoyakha oil-gas field to be installed on the local MSW and industrial landfill. PJSC Gazprom

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Next scheduled batch for TDP-2-2000 pyrolysis plant was sent to Europe

The third batch of components for the TDP-2-2000 pyrolysis plant was sent to Viru Keemia Grupp from IPEC production site. The equipment was manufactured within the shale tar processing project of the above mentioned European company. The shale sludge

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