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Waste to energy: nothing but the facts. IPEC operating experience

Section: News, Useful information

[…] Engineering solutions of power generation from waste are available today.

Low temperature pyrolysis plant of TDP-2 series provides thermal decomposition of raw materials (preferably high-energy hydrocarbon based waste) into pyrolysis gas, boiler fuel and dry residue. Diesel or accumulated pyrolysis fuel is used for the plant startup. After the process stabilization, the additional energy sources are not needed anymore; this feature turns pyrolysis plant into a cost-effective facility. The derived pyrolysis gas is fed either to the gas turbine or to the gas piston drive of the energy generation set. […]

[…] Speaking globally, the waste with potentially significant calorific value is an inexhaustible source.

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The article ‘Waste to energy: nothing but the facts’ was published in ‘Solid Municipal Waste’ magazine №12, 2016.

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