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Thermal Decomposition Plant TDP-2-1000R (rotating reactor)

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1000 kg/h
processing speed
continuous operation
qty of cycles of processing per day
60 kWh
380 volt
power consumption
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Equipment for plastic waste processing: polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Innovative and unique design and rotating furnace provide:

  • equal distribution of the plastic mass over the reactor walls, thus insuring more efficient heat transfer and heating of the raw materials;
  • longer residence time of raw materials in the reactor, which guarantees full completion of the thermal decomposition process and obtaining high quality output products.

Stage 1. Preliminary preparation of raw materials before loading into TDP

The raw plastic, passing through the shredder, enters through the press hopper into the extruder, where it is heated and melted to a paste-like state.

Stage 2. Thermal decomposition process

The treated raw material enters the rotary reactor, where it is thermally decomposed (pyrolysis) when exposed to high temperatures.

Stage 3: Condensation and separation processes

1. The steam-gas mixture passes through the filter system, where the gas is purified.

2. The purified steam-gas mixture is cooled in the heat exchanger, enters the gas-liquid separator for separation of the gas and liquid fraction:

— Pyrolysis fuel (liquid fraction) is sent to the fuel tank, and further to the finished product tank.

— Synthetic gas through the droplet eliminator enters the gas drying column to separate the gas from the residual water vapor.

3. Dry gas through the filter system enters the burners to operate the TDP unit.


The TDP-2-1000 plastics processing complex can be supplemented with options (at customer’s request)

— Power generation system based on Capstone gas turbine generator.

— System for utilization of excess synthesis gas.

Stage 4:

Dry residue is automatically removed from the rotating reactor into a specialized tank.

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Thermal Decomposition Plant TDP-2-1000R (rotating reactor)

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