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Waste to energy: the pyrolysis plant TDP-2-200 in the complex with autonomous systems of power generation tests (VIDEO)

The tests of technological Complex on the pyrolysis principle basis of Thermal Decomposition Plant, brand name TDP-2-200, along with Capstone microturbine power station (USA) were carried out in the Fall, 2016. The main purpose of these tests was to gain

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Updated Thermal Decomposition Plant TDP-2-200 at the WASMA-2016 trade fair

International Exhibition of equipment and technologies on recycling, waste management and water purification challenges WASMA-2016 will be conducted in Moscow on October 18-20. This event will unite the leading representatives of the industry on its platform.

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Chemical-recovery industry waste processing at TDP-2-800 plant

By the order of OOO Stroyengineering IPEC manufactured continuous mode pyrolysis plant TDP-2-800. The delivery of the unit was made just two months after signing the contract. Assembly time at the site will be kept to a minimum, by virtue of the build

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Pyrolysis plants meet the requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

IPEC obtained the international certificate of compliance with the requirements of the Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery for pyrolysis plants TDP-2-200 and TDP-2-800. The document confirms that all the products of IPEC make are designed and manufactured

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WTE project based on pyrolysis plant TDP and microturbines Capstone successfully passed the first test

At the end of July at the IPEC production site the technological waste-to-energy facility based on pyrolysis plant TDP-2-200 and microturbine power station Capstone passed the first test. This is the initial phase of the project on creation of a free-running

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Drilling waste (drill cuttings) treatment facility at NGK Slavneft field operates successfully

Processing (utilization) of drilling waste at production field and the conditioned product as a result of the process is the solution developed by service company ST-Promotchody for OAO NGK Slavneft. By the order of the oil company the drilling waste

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BPC Engineering and IPEC came to partnership agreement! Capstone Microturbines and pyrolysis plant TDP — all in one installation!

IPEC and BPC Engineering, an integrated engineering company specializing in the construction and operation of ENEX Power Plants based on Capstone Microturbines, signed a partnership agreement. Capstone Turbine Corporation is a leading global manufacturer

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Coke production waste treatment at the continuous pyrolysis plant TDP-2-800: new contract

In the end of May 2016 IPEC stroke a deal with JSC Stroyengineering (Novokuznetsk) for procuring new pyrolysis plant TDP-2-800. The equipment will be used for coke-chemical production waste. To the present day, there are no other treatment methods for

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Continuous pyrolysis plant TDP-2-100 with Rectification unit shipped to Customer

Continuous pyrolysis plant TDP-2-100 designed for processing of unsorted plastic waste, used rubber and old automotive tyres. The plant was successfully tested at the factory; its conformance to environmental standards was officially confirmed. The pyrolysis

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Drilling waste utilization started directly at the oil well pad

On April 25, the TDP unit for drilling waste processing was put into operation. The company, JSC Slavneft-KrasnoyarskNeftegaz made a big step towards ‘no-pit’ drilling process. Servicing unit dedicated to drilling waste utilization is to utilize dozens

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