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TDP-2-2000 for the treatment of shale-processing waste

Section: News

IPEC and leading Estonian company, engaged in shale oil and shale-chemicals production, have recently signed a contract on manufacture and shipment for the two units of TDP-2-2000. TDP has the capacity of 1500 kg/h on the processing of finely divided ash-bearing fuel. This feedstock contains particles, resin and gasoline, which makes it a toxicant and hazardous type of waste.

TDP pyrolysis plant ensures cost-effective and reliable operation based on pyrolysis technology, the decomposition of raw organic materials in oxygen deficient environment. The process outputs are syngas, fuel oil and dry residue. The plant is equipped with automated fuel supply system.

IPEC guarantees installation, commissioning and warranty tests of the pyrolysis units, as well as the Customer’s personnel training. Commission of the first unit is to be completed by the end of this year; commission of the second plant is scheduled for the mid-2018.

As TDP pyrolysis plant is fully compliant with the international requirements as per European Directive «On the safety of machinery and equipment» (2006/42/EC), the procurement process will be conducted without any restrictions.