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Pyrolysis: 6 facts in favor of thermal decomposition technology

Pyrolysis is the process of thermal decomposition of organic substances in an oxygen-deficient environment to hydrocarbons with a lower molecular weight. Carbon-to-carbon bonds are broken under the influence of high temperatures. The yield and qualitative

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Waste to energy: nothing but the facts. IPEC operating experience

[…] Engineering solutions of power generation from waste are available today. Low temperature pyrolysis plant of TDP-2 series provides thermal decomposition of raw materials (preferably high-energy hydrocarbon based waste) into pyrolysis gas, boiler

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All about tire recycling

Rubber goods are utterly indispensable for the modern civilization. But waste rubber is an environmental disaster to the same extent. Fortunately, this disaster can be avoided by converting it into energy source. The tyre deposited in a landfill (often

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Pyrolysis as an environmentally friendly and cost-effective waste tyres treatment technology

Pyrolysis, thermal decomposition, is the used tyres treatment technology based on thermal destruction of feedstock under the high temperatures and lack of oxygen into the products with the smaller molecular weight: liquid pyrolysis oil, carbon black and

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The proceeding from incineration technology to pyrolysis became the one of the waste thermal treatment trends. Pyrolysis technology brings the reduction of waste amount accumulated from the process, commercial grade products, negligible effect on environmental

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Disasters at pyrolysis plants

Safety in pyrolysis plant became an essential and increasingly important health and environmental security issue since due to explosion caused by pyrolysis plant operation a large number of people were seriously injured or died. The burning of hydrocarbon

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Acid tars treatment

Acid tars (also referred to acid sludge) is a toxic residue produced by refining industry. It is originated due to purification of oil containing products, machines and units by concentrated sulfuric acid. Refinery acid tar is highly viscous tar-like

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Waste tires treatment technologies

As the associated automotive industries grow, the accumulation of waste tires will increase in near future, which will lead to environmental pollution. More than 3 million tons of used tires annually produced only in United States, and up to 2.5 million

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Pyrolytic conversion technologies

Pyrolytic process description Pyrolysis is defined as thermal conversion process of hydrocarbon waste in the absence of air. The main products resulted from hydrocarbon processing are syngas, liquid oil and solids (char, carbon black, metal). The pyrolytic

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Pyrolysis: basics

The term “pyrolysis” refers to a process of thermal treatment to convert hydrocarbon waste to fuel or chemical products. Pyrolytic process creates value from scrap materials that otherwise be landfilled. For the first time, the practice of pyrolysis

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