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Pyrolysis as an environmentally friendly and cost-effective waste tyres treatment technology

Pyrolysis, thermal decomposition, is the used tyres treatment technology based on thermal destruction of feedstock under the high temperatures and lack of oxygen into the products with the smaller molecular weight: liquid pyrolysis oil, carbon black and

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Pyrolysis plant TDP-2-200 at the international oil and gas exhibition MIOGE-2015

On 23-26 of June 2015 the Expocentre held 13th biennial International Oil & Gas (MIOGE). Oil&Gas-2015 exhibition is in the top five industries events of the world, it is held every two years and became the leading profiling trade show to study

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The proceeding from incineration technology to pyrolysis became the one of the waste thermal treatment trends. Pyrolysis technology brings the reduction of waste amount accumulated from the process, commercial grade products, negligible effect on environmental

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Equipment for the oil and gas industry at international exhibition MIOGE-2015

On June 23-26, 2015 Moscow Expocentre will hold the main event of the oil and gas industry, which is 13th biennial Moscow International Oil & Gas (MIOGE) Exhibition. The largest oil and gas companies, experts, suppliers of equipment and services will

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TDP-2-200 at international exhibition for waste management WasteTech-2015

On May 26-28 International Exhibition for Waste Management, Recycling, Environmental Technologies and Renewable Energy was held in Moscow Crocus Expo. The event brought together 248 exhibitors from 25 countries. At the booth of IPEC the members of the

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TDP-2-200 at international trade fair WasteTech-2015

Exhibition center Crocus Expo will hold waste and environmental technology trade show WasteTech-2015 on 26-28 May in Moscow, where TDP-2-200 will be showcased at IPEC booth. Thermal Decomposition Plant implemented an emerging technology in the field

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TDP-2-200 at The Ecology of Big City International Forum

On March 18-20, 2015 EXPOFORUM held one of the most significant environmental events of St. Petersburg – The Ecology of Big City International Forum, where the exhibitors presented their latest innovations in the field of environmental protection. Thermal

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Oil Production and Oil Refinery Waste Treatment Workshop

25-26 of February IPEC held two-day event included a workshop and equipment presentation at company’s’ production site. The educational workshop was attended by representatives of international oil and gas industry companies from South Africa, Turkey,

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Meet TDP-2-200 at international ecological forum in EXPOFORUM

Continuous Thermal Decomposition Plant is going to be presented at The Ecology of Big City International Forum in Convention and Exhibition Centre in Saint Petersburg, Russia. TDP-2-200 is intended to protect the environment by processing the oil contaminated

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Brand new alternative energy production plant TDP-2-500

IPEC manufactured the spick and span TDP-2-500 plant that replenished the drill waste and oil sludge treatment equipment range. The plant operates on continuous mode and processes 500 kg of waste per hour. Mobile pyrolytic plant is capable to produce

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