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Drilling waste (drill cuttings) treatment facility at NGK Slavneft field operates successfully

Section: News

Processing (utilization) of drilling waste at production field and the conditioned product as a result of the process is the solution developed by service company ST-Promotchody for OAO NGK Slavneft. By the order of the oil company the drilling waste treatment facility, based on few high efficiency pyrolysis plants, brand name TDP-2, was designed and delivered. Service unit was put into operation on Kuyumbinskoye field this spring.

In just a few months of the failure-free running of pyrolysis plants TDP-2 the personnel of the service company has been able to process several thousand tons of drill cuttings. During the waste recovery process, the useful product, dry subsoil, is generated.

Process water is also produced as a result of drilling waste utilization process, heat can be used for the preparation of drilling fluids, as confirmed by laboratory tests.