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BPC Engineering and IPEC came to partnership agreement! Capstone Microturbines and pyrolysis plant TDP — all in one installation!

Section: News

IPEC and BPC Engineering, an integrated engineering company specializing in the construction and operation of ENEX Power Plants based on Capstone Microturbines, signed a partnership agreement. Capstone Turbine Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of microturbine energy systems. The purpose of cooperation is to create a unique complex consisting of two production units — gas turbines assembly and pyrolysis plant TDP. Operation of this equipment in a single bundle will implement a global project — free-running generator to convert the waste into electricity.

Today IPEC in partnership with BPC Engineering are doing everything possible to use waste as a valuable energy source. IPEC has already more than 12 years’ experience of manufacturing machines for processing of hydrocarbon raw materials with extraction of conditioned products. In turn, Capstone has extensive experience in the production of gas turbines, capable of converting the energy of almost any gaseous fuels (natural gas, coalmine gas, biogas, landfill gas, pyrolysis gas, associated gas, synthetic gas, etc.).

 The installation based on Capstone Microturbines (ENEX) and Thermal Decomposition Plant will:

  • reduce the peak load on the power supply of the facility
  • provide autonomous power supply of remote facilities, fields, localities
  • address the challenge of environmental aspect of production processes
  • improve the reliability of power supply facilities and reduce dependence on centralized power outages
  • use processed organic waste products — pyrolysis gas and synthetic fuel — as an alternative energy source.

In the near future IPEC will launch a pilot scale plant at its production site to demonstrate the installation’s operation on different types of organic materials, including unconventional.