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The oil and gas industry leading thermal treatment technology

Section: News

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Updated Feb.16, 2015.

IPEC  presents its innovations and solutions in oil sludge and drilling waste management at the company’s first workshop – Oil Production And Oil Refinery Waste Treatment at its industrial site from 25 — 26 February 2015.

Workshop Program:

February 25 – Drilling muds and used drilling solutions treatment

February 26 – Oil sludge and emulsions treatment

  1. Presentation of Continuous Thermal Decomposition Plant TDP-2-200 and other industrial waste thermal treatment technologies.
  2. TDP-2-200 operation test:The oil and gas industry leading thermal treatment technology
  • introduction;
  • waste loading;
  • control system demonstration;
  • overview of the technology.

Coffee break

  • discharging  and examination of the final products;
  • expert consultation.

In addition:

Visitors are welcome to take a pyrolysis liquid fuel or solid residue sample for their own examination.

Admission fee for visitors:

Pre-registration of visitor only:, +1 919-883-9396

Admission is free of charge.