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TDP-2-800 for processing of drilling waste at the oil field: the contract 2016 is performed! (VIDEO!)

Section: News

IPEC, the leading company in waste management market, completed its obligations under the contract with Oil and Gas Company: the main production pyrolysis unit TDP-2-800 processed 11600 tons of drill cuttings.

The main purpose of waste thermal decomposition is to transact to no-pit drilling and eliminate oil sludge accumulation in sludge pits or landfills.

IPEC began to actualize this project at the end of April, 2016. The products derived from the drilling waste processing are as follows:

  • Pyrolysis gas is required for the maintenance of the plant.
  • Process water can be reused for drilling solution preparation.
  • Fuel (boiler) oil.
  • Dry subsoil is a valuable product the quality of which meets the standards and requirements. It is applied in road and site construction, reclamation of sludge pits and landfills; also it may be used as a deicing agent due to its high content of salt.

Pyrolysis plants TDP-2-800 are capable of processing the drilling waste and turning it into marketable outputs. One of the main advantage is no waste generation during the treatment process, based on advanced pyrolysis technology.