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TDP-1 at the Exhibition of Environmental Technologies and Innovations WASMA-2013

Section: News

Thermal Decomposition Plant was introduced at the Exhibition of Environmental Technologies and Innovations, WASMA-2013 on October 29 – 31, 2013 at Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre. TDP-1 plant was awarded the diploma The Best Innovative Product.

TDP-1 is the unique equipment on the international waste management market. It enables the thermal decomposition of diverse hydrocarbon materials from solid to viscous ones and converts it to syngas, char, and synthetic oil through low-temperature pyrolysis process, also referred to as cracking.

 “Next year we will manufacture the new modification of pyrolysis plant – Continuous Thermal Decomposition Plant (TDP-2),” the General Manager of IPEC said. “The productivity of equipment will rise up to 800 kg of waste per hour. Since the execution of pilot tests the TDP plant will be shipped to the customer’s premises.”