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Pyrolysis plant TDP-2-200М for Israel

Section: News

The company IPEC pushes back the supply limits. In such a way, an upgraded Thermal Decomposition Plant TDP-2-200M with capacity up to 200 kg per hour was successfully launched at the production site of TRIDACNA Ltd. in Israel.

The company TRIDACNA Ltd. focuses on industrial wastewater purification. Apart from the main area of activity, based on a vast experience in the area of managing similar type of waste, the company also performs services on reservoir cuttings treatment.

The Pyrolysis Plant for the facilities of TRIDACNA Ltd. is designed for the utilization of reservoir cuttings generated throughout the duration of oil transportation and oil storing.

TDP-2-200m for reservoir cuttings pyrolysisTDP-2-200m for reservoir cuttings processing

One of the characteristic properties of the equipment is the provision of an auxiliary pyrolysis gas purification unit, enclosing a scrubber and a coal filter. Feedstock supply is provided by an automated system of a twin screw.

Thermal Decomposition Plant (TDP) is certified according to the requirements of the EU directive 2006/42/EU «On safety of machines and equipment». Availability of this certificate allows supplying the equipment to the international market.

As of today, the equipment at the production site of the Customer has already passed the required tests; pre-commissioning activities and the training of personnel have already been carried out. The Plant has started operation and has reached the rated capacity.