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Printed circuit boards and electronic waste management from the EWEEES point of view

Section: News

The International congress EWEEES dedicated to electronic waste utilization took place in Moscow, Russia on March 27-28, 2018. Delegates from 20 countries, among them civil servants, business managers and industrial experts took part in the event.

The delegate from IPEC company reported on the process of electronic waste utilization with the help of TDP pyrolysis plants. Used circuit boards contain precious metals to be extracted but their low contents and uneven distribution in raw waste create a challenge.

The described technology of low temperature pyrolysis of circuit boards at TDP plants features 30-40% decrease in initial waste volume at the same time avoiding complex and expensive process metallurgy.

The technological solution has been successfully tested at the IPEC production site. The main product of processing is the metal concentrate, which is sent for remelting in the electric furnace and after purification from slag formations it is subjected to electrolysis in order to obtain pure copper, and separation of the concentrate of precious metals for their subsequent application.

Pyrolysis of circuit boards at TDP plants Circuit boards treatment