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Updating of drillings recycling complex at the production location of Slavneft

Section: News

The equipment produced by the company IPEC continues neutralizing drillings, generated at the Kuyumbinskoe oil and gas condensate deposit. The owner of this field and our Customer, Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz LLC, has decided to increase operating characteristics by signing a new contract for updating of 2 operating since 2016 pyrolysis plants TDP-2-800 and for supplying of a new high capacity plant TDP-2-2000 with an additional reactor.

Drillings processing at the oil-gas fieldPreviously used TDP-2-2000 blocks will be installed in tandems and will be serviced in a single unit of devices.  The freed up module after the merger will connect the newly created reactor of TDP-2-2000. In such a way, the fact that 3 pyrolysis plants with 1 support system will be operating at one place will not only increase the capacity of the whole complex and optimize the number of processing lines, but also significantly cut some operating costs: the number of stuff, the territory of the complex, etc.

Modernization will also affect one more land deposit, where a complementary module with the reactor of TDP-2-800 will be connected to already operating plant TDP-2-2000.

Kindly remind you that the abovementioned cutting processing complex has been effectively operating since 2016 at the Kuyumbinskoe oil and gas condensate deposit and since then has been considered the flagship of pit-free drilling in Russia.