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Thermal Decomposition Plant is the leading product on the international waste management market

International Power Ecology Company started business in 2004 and uses a proprietary pyrolysis process to decompose hydrocarbon waste of different types with recovery of pyrolysis oil, syngas and dry residue (carbon black).

Thermal Decomposition Plants manufactured by IPEC are efficient at:

  1.        Liquid waste management: processing of waste muds, used drilling solutions, oil sludge and emulsions, waste oil;
  2.        Solid waste management: processing of rubber and used tires, plastic waste and other hydrocarbons;
  3.        Energy recovery.

The IPEC technologies can be employed by many industries. Oil and gas industry uses it at oil production sites for the purpose of oil sludge and drilling sludge treatment. Distant locations of such sites dictate the necessity of the local waste utilization because of high transportation costs for one side and high environmental penalties for another.

Production facilities that generate used oil, scrap tyres, rubber waste could cut their costs drastically with the help of Thermal Decomposition Plants. Two main reasons are:

  1.       Waste disposal costs decrease;
  2.       Profits from selling or using the products yielded from pyrolysis process.