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Thermal Decomposition of Hydrocarbon Materials

Our solution to the challenge of hydrocarbon containing waste utilization issue lies in the principle ‘waste is an energy source’. Our continuous pyrolysis plants TDP-2 ensure uninterruptible trouble free production of combustible materials (fuels) from the waste feedstock.

IPEC is a company with more than 10 year experience in hydrocarbon processing. The scope of its activities lies in the pyrolytic processing of the organic wastes of different types with recovery of pyrolysis oil, syngas and dry residue (carbon black). The workshop features strict quality control, it is ISO:9001 certified. Together with non-stop modernization it ensures the highest quality and reliability of the product

The equipment is designed for processing of drilling waste, scrap tires, plastic waste, used oil, and other hydrocarbon containing waste by way of thermal decomposition.

The process is based on low-temperature pyrolysis principle, which is thermal decomposition in the oxygen deficit conditions.

The benefits presented by IPEC technologies are two-fold: transforming solid and liquid waste into a valuable commodity, and creating a reliable source of alternative energy from an abundant, no-cost feedstock.

Negligible emissions, low energy consumption and the opportunity to produce marketable grade fuel from waste bring IPEC equipment to the leading positions at the international waste management market.


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